General Chemistry


  • Chemistry Resources, Purdue

    Links to "helper" programs and lecture notes, annotated with topic lists. Mainly general chemistry but also organic, analytical, and physical.

  • VSEPR Module, Purdue University

    Discussion and rotatable images to illustrate VSEPR, including a "Compare Two Structures" module.


  • Chemistry Drill and Practice Tutorials

    Drill problems for many topics General Chemistry. Elementary but helpful. Recommended

  • ConcepTests, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Problems on atoms, stoichiometry, states of matter, equilibrium, electronic structure, thermochemistry, kinetics, bonding, acid/base, precipitation, and electrochemistry. Recommended

  • Tests

    This site offers exams and finals for both semesters of general chemistry. The Word files can be downloaded.

Images and Animations

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Bibliography

    Texts and articles of value in understanding topics in Inorganic Chemistry.

Organic Chemistry




  • The Organic Laboratory

    Pictures designed to show laboratory procedures for mostly macroscale experiments such as determination of distribution coefficients, extraction, melting points, dehydration of an alcohol, catalytic hydrogenation, Grignard reaction, Beilstein test, prepartion of butyl bromide, oxidative coupling of an alkyne.




Molecular Images