1. Give appropriate electron dot formulas for nitromethane, CH3NO2.
    1. Given that the NO single bond length is 1.40 Å and the NO double bond length is 1.21 Å, predict the NO bond length in nitromethane. Explain!
    2. Give the valence bond description of nitromethane. Label every orbital.
  2. The NO bond length in O2NCl (the nitrogen is the central atom) is 1.20 Å. The NCl bond length is 1.84 Å. The N=O double bond reference length is 1.21 Å, and the N-Cl single bond reference length is 1.75 Å.
    1. Based on the information above, write appropriate electron-dot formulas for this molecule.
    2. Predict the geometry of this molecule.
    3. Predict the hybridization at nitrogen.
    4. Explain the NO bond length.
  3. Both ICN and SCN- are linear species. Give valence bond descriptions for each that are consistent with their shape.
  4. Use the molecular orbital model to describe the bonding in the F2- ion.
    1. Give the MO diagram for the ion.
    2. Determine the bond order and any other pertinent characteristic of the ion.
  5. Describe the geometry and hybridization (at the central atom) of the following species:
    1. NCO-
    2. I3-
    3. NH4+
    4. NH3
  6. Which of the compounds below exhibits optical isomerism?
    optical isomerism
  7. The octahedron is not the only way to position six pairs of electrons around a point in space. Give a geometric isomer for the following prismatic structure.
    prismatic structure
  8. What is the color of a compound with the following absorption spectrum?
    absorption spectrum
  9. The following are the two simplest amino acids. Do either of them exhibit optical isomerism?
    amino acids
  10. Which of the following are structural isomers? Which exhibit optical isomerism?
    structural isomers and optical isomers