Ionic Compounds

  1. Name the following compounds:
    1. Na2O
    2. Ca(OH)2
    3. BaSO3
    4. FeP
    5. CuCO3
    6. Pb(NO2)2
    7. Co(ClO3)2
    8. AgIO4
    9. Hg(NO3)2
    10. Al2(HPO4)3
  2. A compound containing iron, carbon, and oxygen has two moles of ions per mole of compound. The carbon and oxygen are present in a 1:3 ratio.
    1. Is it likely that this is an ionic compound?
    2. If the compound is ionic, which element is present as the cation?
    3. Can you guess at the formula of the anion?
    4. Predict the formula of the compound.
    5. Is the fact that the compound is water insoluble sufficient to eliminate the presence of ions?
  3. Use your knowledge of the periodic chart and nomenclature to give formulas for the following compounds:
    1. bromous acid
    2. sodium bromite
    3. hypoiodous acid
    4. barium periodiate
    5. arsenous acid
    6. selenic acid
    7. ferric arsenate
    8. bromic acid
  4. If CrO42- is the chromate ion, what is:
    1. MoO42-
    2. WO42-
    3. VO43-
    4. MnO42-