Instructor's Notes

  1. Lab Preparation and Equipment
    • Standard taper 14/20 size D Buchner-type filter funnel (ACE catalog number 9439-08)
    • 500-mL round bottom Chem glass, 14/20
    • 500-mL or 100-mL separatory funnel
    • Compound of interest (5g/student if insoluble, 15g/student if soluble)
  2. Tips
    • For finely divided compounds, a size E Buchner-type filter funnel can be used. The time for filtering of 1-L through this filter is ~ 20 minutes.
    • An ordinary filter crucible with a standard filter flask will suffice for most compounds.
  3. Safety and Hazards

    Those associated with this procedure are related to the compounds chosen.

A Simple Method for Determination of Solubility in the First Year Laboratory